XML: <PlayAudio>

The PlayAudio verb is used to play an audio file in the call.

Both .wav and .mp3 files are supported.

Note: If <PlayAudio> is the last verb in the BXML, the call shall be disconnected after 30 seconds. Use Redirect verb to send the next BXML if the call needs to continue or Hangup to hangup the call immediately.


ATTRIBUTE Description
volume (optional) Integer between -4 and 4 that specifies how loud the audio is. Default is 0.

Callbacks Recevied

Callback Can reply with more BXML
None No

Example: PlayAudio Verb

This shows how to use Bandwidth XML to play an audio clip into a phone call.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<PlayAudio volume="4">https://audio.url/holdMusic.mp3</PlayAudio>
<PlayAudio volume="-4">https://audio.url/voicemailBeep.wav</PlayAudio>


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