Ruby Library

A ruby client library for the Bandwidth Application Platform

The current version is v1.0.14, released 4 May, 2016.


Installing the SDK

ruby-bandwidth is available on rubygem:

gem install ruby-bandwidth

Supported Versions

`ruby-bandwidth should work on Ruby 1.9+.

Version Support Level
<1.9 Unsupported
1.9 Supported
2.0 Supported
2.1 Supported
2.2 Supported
2.3 Supported

Client initialization

All interaction with the API is done through a class Client. The Client constructor takes as parameter hash with next keys:

Argument Description Default value Required
user_id Your user ID none Yes
api_token Your API token none Yes
api_secret Your API secret none Yes
base_url The Bandwidth API URL No

To initialize the Client instance, provide your API credentials which can be found on your account page in the portal.

client =
    :user_id => "YOUR_USER_ID", // <-- note, this is not the same as the username you used to login to the portal
    :api_token => "YOUR_API_TOKEN",
    :api_secret => "YOUR_API_SECRET"

Your client object is now ready to use the API.

Send a SMS

message = Bandwidth::Message.create(client, {:from => "+19195551212", :to => "+191955512142", :text => "Test"})

Make a call

call = Bandwidth::Call.create(client, {:from => "+19195551212", :to => "+191955512142"})

Providing feedback

For current discussions on 1.0 please see the 1.0 issues section on GitHub. To start a new topic on 1.0, please open an issue and use the 1.0 tag. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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