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What media type is supported for MMS? Can I use Bandwidth phone numbers for SMS? Can I send an SMS with a toll-free Bandwidth number? How many outbound SMS can I send at a time from a single phone number? What is the max characters I can send in an SMS? Can I get a delivery receipt for SMS that I send? Can I send and receive SMS to international phone numbers? Can I send and receive Emoji in SMS messages? What Character sets can I use in SMS body? Can I set the Caller Id on an outgoing message to anything I want? Can my Bandwidth phone number send SMS to a US and Canada Short Codes? Does Bandwidth sell or host Short Codes? Can Bandwidth phone numbers send and receive Premium SMS to do things like make donations using SMS? How long does Bandwidth retain messages? How long does Bandwidth retain incoming message media (MMS)? Are delivery receipts supported for MMS? Can toll-free numbers send MMS messages or messages to Short Codes? If I send a long SMS (160+ characters), will the message be parted out and will I be charged for each part of the message? Can I receive MMS (picture messages) from international numbers to a Bandwidth Number What is the maximum file size that can be sent with MMS messages that will not need any compression / transcoding before sending the message? Is there a means to find out programmatically what is the destination carrier's maximum file size for MMS messages? Is there a list of maximum file sizes for MMS messages for the major carriers in USA and Canada?

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