Bandwidth uses HTTP Callbacks (also known as webhooks) to send message events to any publicly addressable url.

In order to successfully use the Messaging 2.0 APIs, you need to configure an Application which contains the CallbackUrl. Each application can be assigned to as many Locations as needed. However, each Location can only have a single Application

Application Diagram

Base Url{{accountId}}/applications


Verb Path about
GET /api/accounts/{accountId}/applications List all Applications
POST /api/accounts/{accountId}/applications Create an application
GET /api/accounts/{accountId}/applications/{applicationId} Get information about a specific application
PATCH /api/accounts/{accountId}/applications/{applicationId} Patch changes to an application
PUT /api/accounts/{accountId}/applications/{applicationId} Make changes to an application
DELETE /api/accounts/{accountId}/applications/{applicationId} Delete an application
GET /api/accounts/{accountId}/applications/{applicationId}/associatedsippeers Retrieve a list of sippeers (location), associated with application

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