Too Many Requests Error - 429

Concatenated messages are segmented into several individual SMS messages based on required character encoding and the SMPP protocol. Each of these SMS messages are sent individually to wireless carriers who then reassemble them and deliver to handsets.

The calculations for rate limits include each message segment as an individual message being sent to carriers. This means if you continuously send very large messages at high rates, then you may encounter the 429 Error Code.

The number of segments a concatenated message will be broken up into can be found in the message.segmentCount parameter in the callback for SMS.


Parameter Type Description
type string The Type of error.
description string A detailed description of why the error occurred
fieldErrors array List of errors in fields
fieldErrors.fieldName string Name of field with error
fieldErrors.description string Description of the error

Too Many Requests

Status: 429 Too Many Requests
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
  "type": "max-message-queue-size-exceeded",
  "description": "The SMS queue for your account is full and cannot accept more messages right now. Your allowed rate is 60 messages per minute. The capacity of this queue is 900 messages (15 minutes). Reduce your message sending rate, or contact support to increase your allowed rate."

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