Completely Update Subscription

PUT update will replace ALL existing fields.

Request URL


Supported Parameters

Parameters Mandatory Description
OrderType Yes The type of Order (see table below) of the subscription
OrderId No A unique OrderId of the same OrderType.
Use the OrderId if you want to get callbacks for a specific order. Typically used for porting numbers.
CallbackSubscription Yes Container for the callback details
Expiry Yes The time in seconds to persist the subscription.
Example Times
  • 99 years = `3122064000` seconds
  • 2 weeks = `1209600` seconds
  • 1 week = `604800` seconds
  • 1 day = `86400` seconds
  • 1 hour = `3600` seconds
URL Yes Url to receive callbacks for the specified orderId or orderType
CallbackCredentials No, but highly recommended Container for the Auth
BasicAuthentication - Basic auth credentials to apply to your message & voice events
BasicAuthentication.Username No, but highly recommended Basic auth Username
BasicAuthentication.Password No, but highly recommended Bassic auth Password
PublicKey No BASE64 encoded public key matching the notification receiving server

Example 1 of 1: Remove the CallbackCreds from an subscription

POST{{accountId}}/subscriptions HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8
Authorization: {user:password}

        <URL>[Same URL as before]</URL>


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

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