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TBD, 2022Added initial identity management API
March 18, 2022Added new guides to Voice API section and updated old ones
February 16, 2022Added details of new http voice statistics endpoint
February 16, 2022Added new call modify endpoint with BXML to Voice API spec
February 3, 2022Added brand vetting UI and API and added unassign campaign from TN to campaign APIs
February 2, 2022Removed the Staging environment from the server list for WebRTC API Specs
January 31, 2022Added back MFA Webhooks (Callbacks) documentation
January 18, 2022Added downloadable CSV sample on Messaging Campaign UI and Import Campaign UI guides for Bulk TN Upload
December 28, 2021Many updates to Voice API spec
December 07, 2021Add documentation for outbound call queueing
December 6, 2021Clarify Bridge verb documentation
November 17, 2021Update application callback docs to be clear about what is sent when
November 12, 2021Added cURL Code Snippets for WebRTC and Voice
November 11, 2021Ensure complete cross reference for AMD results
November 11, 2021Added cURL Code Snippets for Multi-Factor Auth and Messaging
November 10, 2021Added cURL Code Snippets for TN Lookup
November 10th, 2021Revamped the "Key Concepts" page for greater clarity
November 9th, 2021Add more content to the "about" page in voice
November 8th, 2021Fixed spelling and grammar errors in the docs. Re-added content into initiate callback. Fixed ambiguous writing.
November 4th, 2021Clarify how async MachineDetection works
November 3rd, 2021Added sort parameter to GetMessages
October 25th, 2021Messaging: Clarify accepted values for telephone numbers in GET /messages
October 21st, 2021Updated Ring to reflect answerCall attribute option. Typo fixes.
October 15, 2021Added CreateParticipant schema and CreateParticipantResponse to CreateParticipant
October 1st, 2021Messaging: Updated DELETE /media HTTP response code.
September 23rd, 2021Change MachineDetectionRequest schema name to MachineDetectionConfiguration
September 21st, 2021Add parameters of messageDirection, carrierName and messageType to GetMessages
September 15th, 2021Add Messaging International API Spec
September 8th, 2021Added MachineDetection object to the Voice OpenAPI spec and bumped to version 3.2.0
August 27th, 2021Reverted Phone Number Lookup spec to 1.0.5
August 25th, 2021Provide corrections to Sip Registrar guide
August 24th, 2021Added Sip Registrar guide and updated Network Bridge guide
August 2nd, 2021Added callback objects to the voice OpenAPI spec
July 30th, 2021Updated media description for createMessages to include Content-Disposition header information
July 15th, 2021Updated Python code snippets for voice, messaging, and MFA to reflect the breaking changes in the v10.0.0 SDK
July 7nd, 2021Updated Phone Number Lookup spec to reflect that all property names in the result section are now camelcase.
July 2nd, 2021Updated WebRTC's parameter order definition. sessionId should always be passed in before participantId when both are present
May 20, 2021Updated Phone Number Lookup spec to remove X-accountId and replace with path parameter
May 5th, 2021Update WebRTC's callbackUrl parameter in Participant to be nullable.
May 3rd, 2021Major overhaul to voice API spec. There are no changes to the API itself, just changes to the API spec. The API spec now uses the OpenAPI 3.0 format. Many endpoints have been renamed. Many object schemas have been renamed. Many endpoints that had missing response codes have had their missing information added. Many parameters that are optional have been marked as such. Several incorrect content-type headers have been corrected. Many strings that used to be documented as enums have been updated to be represented as strings.
April 30th, 2021Update WebRTC's deviceApiVersion enum values to uppercase.
April 6th, 2021Update messaging's createMessage and uploadMedia successful response status code.
March 25th, 2021Updated portal config to use a local js script.
March 17th, 2021Added campaignClass to the message search API response.
March 16th, 2021Added 4 fields messageSize, messageLength, attachmentCount, and recipientCount to the message search API response.
March 10th, 2021Added participants and sessions to the WebRtc spec.
March 10th, 2021Added Continuation-Token as a possible response header for listMedia.
March 10th, 2021Added calls, recordings, and conferences tags to the Voice spec.
March 9th, 2021Added media and messages tags to the Messaging OpenAPI spec.
March 8th, 2021Add optional deviceApiVersion parameter to WebRTC Participant schema in preparation for the upcoming "Unified Plan" conversion.
March 5th, 2021Remove messaging's explicit declaration of Content-Length in uploadMedia.
March 4th, 2021Update messaging's Media object's contentLength type from string to integer.
March 3rd, 2021Removed extraneous properties from messaging's Media object.
February 26th, 2021Added the "pai" and "identity" fields to Voice API callbacks that contain Stir/Shaken data
February 25th, 2021Renamed userId to accountId in messaging spec.
February 23rd, 2021Renamed TwoFactorAuth to MultiFactorAuth. This is a major change and current SDK users will need to use the new name when upgrading the package.
February 10th, 2021Added release notes