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Bandwidth 10DLC Campaign CSP UI Guide

This walks through how to provision, manage and view your campaigns through the Bandwidth Dashboard for use with our Campaign, Number Management and Messaging API's.


  • You have been contracted and given access to your Bandwidth Dashboard Account
  • Your account has Messaging and Campaign Management products enabled
  • Your account has 10dlcCampaigns product feature enabled
  • Your user has been assigned the Campaign Management user role
  • You have registered your brand(s)

Important Notes#

  • We only support campaigns that have been approved by all carriers participating through TCR. While provisioning your campaigns through Bandwidth Dashboard UI, they will automatically provision to all participating carriers.


  1. Register a campaign
  2. Campaign List
  3. View campaign details
  4. Edit campaign
  5. Deactivate campaign
  6. Assign a campaign to a TN
  7. Bulk assign a campaign to multiple TNs
  8. Next steps

Register a campaign#

Once you log into the Bandwidth Dashboard, you should see Campaigns in the navigation bar. If you select it, you will be routed to the Brands sub navigation. From there you can select the Campaigns sub navigation which is where you will see a list of the campaigns that have been previously registered on your account.

If you have not previously registered a campaign you will see CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN. If you select CREATE A NEW CAMPAIGN or + NEW CAMPAIGN you will be prompted with the campaign registration form.

The first section is where you will select the brand you want to associate with the campaign.

The second section is where you will select the campaign use case(s).

Standard use case#

For standard use cases, you only need to select one to proceed to the next section.

Mixed use case#

For mixed use cases (Mixed or Low Volume Mixed), once selected, you will see sub-use cases display below. You must select two or more to continue to the next section.

Special use case#

Special use cases are on the right side of the form. These use cases need to go through MNO manual approval processes and may not be approved for some time after registering.

The third and final section is where you will enter the campaign details.

Campaign List#

Once you successfully register a campaign, you will be navigated back to the campaign list page

Campaign Statuses#

While on the campaign list page, you will be able to view the statuses of you campaigns

Campaign Status#

The campaign statuses are - 1)ACTIVE or 2)EXPIRED. Immediately after registering a campaign, it will be in the ACTIVE status. A campaign will only become EXPIRED if you take the action to deactivate the campaign yourself, or if auto-renewal is turned off for the campaign.

MNO Status#

The MNO (carrier) statuses are - 1)REVIEW, 2)APPROVED, 3)REJECTED, or 4)SUSPENDED. For standard use cases, immediately after registering a campaign, all MNO statuses will be APPROVED. For special use cases, all mno statuses will be REVIEW, and is subject to a manual review process. An MNO Can suspend and/or unsuspend a campaign at any time at their own discretion.

Note: 1) Campaign Status and MNO Statuses are entirely independent of each other. A campaign can be in ACTIVE status, but still be in REVIEW, REJECTED, or SUSPENDED by one or more MNOs. 2) If a campaign has an EXPIRED status or if any of the MNO statuses are not APPROVED, then the campaign cannot be associated to a TN in our system. If a campaign has already been associated to TN(s), and the campaign becomes EXPIRED or an MNO suspends the campaign, it will be removed from those TN(s).

Error Messages#

We have some asynchronous processing that happens behind the scenes after registering a campaign. In the event of a processing delay, the campaign in question will have an error message displayed next to it on the campaign list page. Processing should be complete within one hour. If a campaign is seeing a processing delay, it will not be eligible to be assigned to a tn until it is resolved.

View Campaign Details#

While on the list page, you can click on a Campaign ID to navigate to the campaign details page. Here you can view the Carrier Term Preview, and associated campaign information.

Edit Campaign#

You can edit your campaign by selecting the EDIT CAMPAIGN button from the details page. The only fields that are editable are - Sample 1-5 and Auto-Renewal

Deactivate Campaign#

You can deactivate your campaign by selecting the DEACTIVATE CAMPAIGN button from the details page.

You will be prompted with a warning message and have the ability to confirm the action. This action cannot be reversed. Deactivating a campaign will change the Campaign Status to EXPIRED, and will remove the campaign from all TNs in our system.

Campaigns in EXPIRED status cannot be edited or deactivated.

Assign a campaign to a TN#

You should see Numbers in the navigation bar. If you select it, you will be routed to a sub navigation where you will see My Numbers. If you select it, you can search for a TN and view the details page.

Once on the TN details page, you can scroll to the bottom where you will see SMS Settings. Ensure SMS Settings is on, and that use location defaults is off. You will see a dropdown labeled A2P Campaign ID. Your campaigns will be found in the dropdown. When you select a Campaign ID the Message Class field will auto-populate with the message class assigned from TCR. When you click the Save button, the TN will be associated with the Campaign ID and will be ready for use.

Note: If you don't see the Campaign ID in the dropdown, it's likely that - 1) it has not been approved by all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), 2) it has been deactivated and is in EXPIRED status 3) background processing has been delayed for your campaign. This should be resolved within 1 hour of initial registration.
For a full list of status values and descriptions, please see our campaign FAQs

Note: If you are not able to turn location defaults off, you will need to reach out to the implementation team to disable 'Enforce Location Long Code Settings' on your locations. -

For more info on TNs, please see our number ordering guide

Bulk Assign a campaign to multiple TNs#

You should see Numbers in the navigation bar. If you select it, you will be routed to a sub navigation where you will see Upload Line Features. If you select it, you will see the Choose a .csv file to import field.

Sample CSV format is as follows - Downloadable Sample


Once you click the Import button the TNs will be processed. Upon successful completion, the TNs will have the appropriate Campaign ID assigned and will be ready for use.

For more info on TNs, please see Managing Line Features

Next steps#

Create an API-only user#

Create an API-only user to validate your API calls. Unlike user accounts that can access the Bandwidth Dashboard User Interface, users restricted to API only access won’t require periodic password resets.

Start developing to our Messaging APIs#

After you've finished registering your campaigns, explore our inventory and order a phone number to your account. Once you have a phone number, you are ready to send your first text message. For help, check out our SDK’s and Postman Collection.