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Campaign FAQs

1. What is the difference between the 'status', and the 'mnoStatusList' field?#

The 'status' field is the status of the campaign from the TCR perspective. The 'mnoStatusList' field, is a list of statuses from the individual carrier perspective. Both sets of statuses are entirely independent. It is possible to have a campaign that is in 'ACTIVE' status from the TCR perspective, but have 'REJECTED' statuses from one or more carriers.

2. What are all the possible 'status' field values?#

  • 'ACTIVE'

3. What are all the possible 'mnoStatus' field values?#

  • 'REVIEW'

4. My campaign has been rejected by one or more carriers, how can I get them to approve?#

At this point, the carriers campaign review rules are unknown to Bandwidth. To get your campaign re-reviewed, you will have to update your campaign and re-submit.