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Bandwidth 10DLC Reseller And Brand CSP UI Guide

This walks through how to provision, manage and view your brands through the Bandwidth Dashboard for use with our Campaign, Number Management and Messaging API's.


  • You have been contracted and given access to your Bandwidth Dashboard Account
  • Your account has Messaging and Campaign Management products enabled
  • Your account has 10dlcCampaigns product feature enabled
  • Your user has been assigned the Campaign Management user role


  1. Register your brand
  2. Brand List
  3. Register customer brands (reseller only)
  4. Edit Brand
  5. Next steps

Register your brand#

Once you log into the Bandwidth Dashboard, you should see Campaigns in the navigation bar. If you select it and you have not yet registered your brand, you will be directed to the landing page.

Once on the landing page, if you select REGISTER MY BRAND you will be prompted with a pop-up modal with a series of forms to register your 1) reseller if necessary and 2) brand.

The first section is where you will enter your brand details. Once you enter all the required information, you can hit next to go to the Brand Contact Details section.

Direct Customer#

If you are a direct customer and will not be managing brands and campaigns for other companies, you can select the Direct Customer option and submit the form to register your brand.


If you are a reseller, you can select the Reseller option and enter the required information to submit and register your reseller and brand.

Brand List#

After successful registration of your brand, you will be directed to the Brand List page. If you are a Direct Customer, you will only be able to see your brand. If you are a Reseller, you will see your Customer Brand list in addition to your brand.

Register Customer Brands#

If you are a reseller, you can add as many customer brands as you would like. From the brand list page if you select the ADD CUSTOMER BRAND button, you will be prompted again with the Brand Details form.

Edit Brands#

You can edit both your brand, and your customer brands by hitting the EDIT button next to the brand you would like to update. Select Brand fields are editable once they have been registered, and may trigger a re-score of the brand from TCR.

Next steps#

Register Campaigns#

After registering your brand(s) you can use them to register campaigns.

Create an API-only user#

Create an API-only user to validate your API calls. Unlike user accounts that can access the Bandwidth Dashboard User Interface, users restricted to API only access won’t require periodic password resets.

Start developing to our Messaging APIs#

After you've finished importing your campaigns, explore our inventory and order a phone number to your account. Once you have a phone number, you are ready to send your first text message. For help, check out our SDK’s and Postman Collection.