This guide will cover how to find your credentials for use with Bandwidth's Phone Number API



Credential overview

Credential Name Description Example
username Your username to log in to the Phone Number Dashboard jdoe
password Your password to log in to the Phone Number Dashboard correct-horse-battery-staple
accountId Your unique account id. The accountId is used as part of the url to make API requests.
Any id for any sub-account. The subAccountId is used as part of the url to make some API requests.

ℹ️ Sub-accounts are also known as sites
ℹ️ An account can have multiple sub-accounts

Account Id

  1. Log into the Bandwidth Phone Number Dashboard
  2. Click the Account tab in the menu section to go to your Account Overview
  3. Under the Account overview section you will see your account ID.


Sub-account (or site) Id

Sub-accounts and sites refer to the same resource within the Phone Number Dashboard. Typically the UI (or Dashboard) refers to the resource as a sub-account while the API refers to the resource as a site. These are 100% interchangable.

  1. Navigate to the Sub-account page
    • Account > Configuration > Sub-accounts
  2. To add a sub account, click the 'Add a sub-account' Button
  3. Once you have at least one sub-account, click the manage button to get the Id.


Basic Auth

The Bandwidth API methods are accessed through HTTPS to protect sensitive customer data against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. Basic HTTP authentication is used with encryption via TLS. Basic HTTP authentication is supported by all browsers commonly in use, and the HTTP clients of most programming languages, and is straightforward to implement. For examples on client authentication, please review information at:

Contact the Bandwidth Customer Experience Team for new credentials, password resets or access to additional purchased features. The bandwidth dashboard requires the use of one of the versions of TLS: as of the appearance of the POODLE SSL vulnerability the support for SSL has been discontinued.

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