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Bandwidth Documentation Versions

Bandwidth maintains both current and previous versions of our docsite and all of its contents. What you will find here (, will always be the most up-to-date version of our docsite. If you need to access an old version of our site, you can check the Previous Versions table below. Our versions use date-based versioning in the format vYYYY.MM.DD.

Previous Versions

This table contains all of our publicly available previous versions of the doc site, which are snapshots of the site and its contents taken on the 1st and 16th of each month. We maintain up to 12 previous versions, or 6 months of old content. After 6 months, the previous versions can still be accessed via Github, but will not be hosted online.

Previous VersionRelease DateSunset DateHosted LinkGithub Release
v2022.11.30Wed Nov 30 2022Sat Jul 29 2023v2022.11.30v2022.11.30
v2022.11.09Wed Nov 09 2022Sat Jul 08 2023v2022.11.09v2022.11.09
v2022.10.20Thu Oct 20 2022Wed Jul 19 2023v2022.10.20v2022.10.20
v2022.10.17Mon Oct 17 2022Sun Jul 16 2023v2022.10.17v2022.10.17