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Conference Recording Available

The Conference Recording Available event is sent after a conference recording has been processed. It indicates that the recording is available for download.

Request Parameters

eventTypeThe event type, value is conferenceRecordingAvailable.
eventTimeThe approximate UTC date and time when the event was generated by the Bandwidth server, in ISO 8601 format. This may not be exactly the time of event execution.
conferenceIdThe ID of the conference that the recording was made on.
nameThe custom name used to reference this conference. This is the name that you included inside the body of the <Conference> tag.
accountIdThe user account associated with the conference.
recordingIdThe unique id for this recording.
channelsNumber of channels in the recording (always 1 for conference recordings).
startTimeThe time that the recording started (in ISO8601 format).
endTimeThe time that the recording ended (in ISO8601 format).
durationThe duration of the recording (in ISO8601 format).
fileFormatThe audio format that the recording was saved as (wav or mp3).
mediaUrlThe URL of the recording media.
tag(optional) The tag that was set at conference creation. If no tag was specified, this field will not be present.
statusThe state of the recording. Can be complete, partial, or error. A partial status indicates that, although the recording is available to be downloaded, parts of the recording are missing.

Expected Response

HTTP/1.1 204


Conference Recording Available

POST http://yourUrl.example/conferenceRecordingAvailable
Content-Type: application/json

"eventType" : "conferenceRecordingAvailable",
"eventTime" : "2019-09-13T16:50:53.788Z",
"accountId" : "55555555",
"conferenceId" : "conf-95ac90b3-ac6cd003-85e4-466f-b2e2-3fc5462c5d0d",
"name" : "thisConference",
"recordingId" : "r-115da407-e3d9-4ea7-889f-5f4ad7386a80",
"channels" : 1,
"startTime" : "2019-09-13T16:48:29.235Z",
"endTime" : "2019-09-13T16:48:48.890Z",
"duration" : "PT20.056S",
"fileFormat" : "wav",
"mediaUrl" : "https://../{accountId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/recordings/{recordingId}/media",
"status" : "complete"