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Media Stream Rejected

This event may be sent to the url specified when sending a <StartStream> verb. This event will be sent if the stream requested in the <StartStream> verb was not started.

Request Parameters

accountIdThe user account associated with the call
answerTimeTime the call was answered, in ISO 8601 format
applicationIdThe id of the application associated with the call
callIdThe call id associated with the event
callUrlThe URL of the call associated with the event
causeThe reason the stream was rejected, can be one of connection-error, duplicate, error or track-limit
directionThe direction of the call. Either inbound or outbound. The direction of a call never changes.
enqueuedTime(optional) If call queueing is enabled and this is an outbound call, time the call was queued, in ISO 8601 format.
errorMessageDetailed information about the cause
eventTimeThe approximate UTC date and time when the event was generated by the Bandwidth server, in ISO 8601 format. This may not be exactly the time of event execution.
eventTypeThe event type, value is mediaStreamStarted
fromThe provided identifier of the caller: can be a phone number in E.164 format (e.g. +15555555555) or one of Private, Restricted, Unavailable, or Anonymous.
mediaStreamDetails about the rejected stream
mediaStream.destinationThe destination URL to which the rejected stream was going to send media
mediaStream.nameThe name of the rejected stream
mediaStream.startTimeThe approximate UTC date and time the rejected stream was started
mediaStream.idThe unique id of the rejected stream
mediaStream.tracksThe segments of the call that were going to be sent in the rejected stream, values will be one or both of inbound and outbound
mediaStream.typeThe type of stream that was rejected. Currently the only supported type is WebSocket
originalMediaStream(optional) Details about the original stream if this rejection is due to requesting a duplicate stream name
originalMediaStream.destinationThe destination URL to which the original stream is sending media
originalMediaStream.nameThe name of the original stream
originalMediaStream.idThe unique id of the original stream
originalMediaStream.startTimeThe approximate UTC date and time the original stream was started
originalMediaStream.tracksThe segments of the call that are being sent in the original stream, values will be one or both of inbound and outbound
originalMediaStream.typeThe type of original stream being sent. Currently the only supported type is WebSocket
startTimeTime the call was started, in ISO 8601 format.
toThe phone number that received the call, in E.164 format (e.g. +15555555555).
tag(optional) The tag specified on call creation. If no tag was specified or it was previously cleared, this field will not be present.

Possible cause Values

connection-errorThere was a problem communicating with the destination supplied in the [<StartStream>][2] request. For example connecting to the websocket timed out, or the websocket closed abnormally, etc.
duplicateThe stream was a duplicate of another existing stream
errorThere was an internal error other than a problem communicating with the destination
track-limitThe requested stream exceeded the maximum number of tracks that may be streamed on a single call

Expected Response

HTTP/1.1 204


Media Stream Rejected Event for Duplicate Stream with Enqueued Time

POST http://myapp.example/mediaStreamEvents
Content-Type: application/json

"accountId" : "55555555",
"answerTime" : "2022-06-30T18:55:02.080Z",
"applicationId" : "7fc9698a-b04a-468b-9e8f-91238c0d0086",
"callId" : "c-95ac912f-68aacdd7-4a8e-4223-a7fd-020e02fa6bf2",
"callUrl" : "",
"cause" : "duplicate",
"direction" : "outbound",
"enqueuedTime" : "2022-06-30T18:54:59.172Z",
"errorMessage" : "A stream with the name example_stream already exists",
"eventTime" : "2022-06-30T18:55:02.489Z",
"eventType" : "mediaStreamRejected",
"from" : "+15551112222",
"mediaStream" : {
"destination" : "wss://duplicate.websocket.myapp.example",
"name" : "example_stream",
"id" : "s-95ac90b3-a2b4fd9b-579c-4cc7-898e-3d257c7a042b",
"startTime" : "2022-06-30T18:55:02.489Z",
"tracks" : ["outbound"],
"type" : "WebSocket"
"originalMediaStream" : {
"destination" : "wss://websocket.myapp.example",
"name" : "example_stream",
"id" : "s-95ac90b3-e9cd80fa-fca7-4d12-9109-2990afe4d8c5",
"startTime" : "2022-06-30T18:55:02.489Z",
"tracks" : ["inbound", "outbound"],
"type" : "WebSocket"
"startTime" : "2022-06-30T18:54:59.175Z",
"to" : "+15553334444"