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Categorized error codes generated by the application.

  • 401 - Unauthorized
  • 403 - Access Denied
  • 404 - Not Found
  • 500 - Internal Server Error

401 โ€“ Unauthorized#

Bandwidth will return a HTTP-401 Error when the specified user does not have access to the account. Ensure the username and password are correct along with the correct account number.

403 โ€“ FORBIDDEN#

Bandwidth returns a HTTP-403 error when the user does not have access to WebRTC APIs.

404 โ€“ NOT_FOUND#

Bandwidth returns a HTTP-404 when a resource is not found or no longer active. This can include sessions and participants.

500 โ€“ Internal Server Error#

Bandwidth will return a HTTP-500 Error when an unknown error occurs. If you receive a HTTP-500 error, please open a support ticket with the original request and the response returned. Please be sure to remove any passwords or sensitive information!