911 Access Dashboard API Reference

911 Access Dashboard Emergency Notifications API Base URL

Environment URL
Production https://service.dashcs.com/dash-api/xml/emergencyprovisioning/v1
Staging https://staging-service.dashcs.com/dash-api/xml/emergencyprovisioning/v1

911 Access Dashboard REST API Methods

Verb Resource Description
GET /authenticationcheck Convenience method that always returns true. You can use this to make sure your authentication is working
GET /uris Find all of the URIs belonging to the requesting customer that has active emergency services
GET /locationsbyuri/{uri} Find all the locations associated with the given URI
GET /provisionedlocationbyuri/{uri} Get the provisioned location associated with a URI
GET /provisionedlocationhistorybyuri/{uri} Given a URI find the provisioned location and histories
POST /validatelocation Validate and correct the location if necessary
POST /addlocation Associate a Location with a URI
POST /removelocation Given a location ID, remove the location
POST /removeuri Remove a given URI
POST /provisionlocation Activates a specific location for emergency service

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