List Emergency Notification Recipients

Endpoint for listing your emergency notification recipients

Request URL


Supported Query Paramaters

Paramater Mandatory Type Description
page No integer Results page. Default value is 1
size No integer Number of records returned. Default value is 5,000. Max is 10,000
from No integer Record number to start results from
endpointId No string Unique EndpointId value to filter Response
Authorization: Basic YXBpVG9rZW46YXBpU2VjcmV0

The above command returns a JSON Response structured like this:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
X-total-count: 70
Link: <{url}>; rel="prev"
Link: <{url}>; rel="next"

    "notificationRecipients": [
              "recipientId": "13091",
              "type": "SMS",
              "recipient": "13033333094",
              "created": "2020-12-09T21:04:10.403Z",
              "updated": "2020-12-09T21:04:10.403Z"
              "recipientId": "123456",
              "type": "HTTP",
              "recipient": "",
              "username": "Test",
              "created": "2020-03-27T21:47:32.422Z",
              "updated": "2020-08-05T22:49:04.962Z"
              "recipientId": "1602424319759",
              "type": "VOICE",
              "recipient": "14145342177",
              "created": "2020-09-29T22:16:10.581Z",
              "updated": "2020-09-29T22:16:11.890Z"
              "recipientId": "2514948375583",
              "type": "EMAIL",
              "recipient": "",
              "created": "2019-10-22T21:37:14.747Z",
              "updated": "2019-10-22T21:37:14.747Z"

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