International - Message Delivered

When sending to Two-Factor Authentication's (2FA) International platform, you will receive a message-delivered delivery receipt (DLR) upon successful delivery to the carrier. This does not ensure that a particular SMS message has been received by the end-user, or that the end-user has read the SMS message.


Parameter Type Description
type string The Callback type. For message delivered, this is set to message-delivered.
time string The time of the event described in the receipt.
description string A detailed description of the event described by the receipt.
platform string A field that indicates whether the message DLR was from the 2FA North America or International platform. For International, this is set to GlobalSMS.
message Object An object that represents information about the message sent. string The unique ID of this message.

Example 1 of 1: SMS Message delivered

POST /your_url HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

    "type"          : "message-delivered",
    "time"          : "2016-09-14T18:20:16Z",
    "description"   : "ok",
    "platform"      : "GlobalSMS",
    "message"       : {
        "id"            : "14762070468292kw2fuqty55yp2b2",

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