Two-Factor Authentication

Bandwidth's Two-Factor Authentication service

⚠️ Your account must be activated to use the MFA product. Please contact sales support to learn how to get access!

Base URL{accountId}


HTTP Method Path Description
POST /code/voice Two-Factor authentication with Bandwidth Voice services
POST /code/messaging Two-Factor authentication with Bandwidth Messaging services
POST /code/verify Verify a previously sent two-factor authentication code


This section discusses at a high level how to use the MFA service

Step 1: Create A Request

In order to create a request, you need your user's phone number, your Bandwidth phone number, your scope (which currently is just scope), and your voice OR messaging application ID. Your application IDs must be useable with your Bandwidth phone number.

Simply use voice or messaging to make the request.

Step 2: Receive Your User Input

After the request is made, your user will receive a text message containing the 6 digit MFA code, or a phone call that speaks the 6 digit MFA code. The user needs to input this code into your system.

Step 3: Validate The User Input

Once your system has received the user's code, you can use verify to verify the code. Note that the scope and applicationId of the verify request must match the scope and ID of the first request. As an example, if you used messaging to send the code to your user, you must use the messaging account ID when verifying the user.

The verify response tells you if the code is correct or incorrect.

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