⚠️ The current version is in beta, there could be some small breaking changes between the beta and final release.

Download & Install

nuget install Bandwidth.Sdk -OutputDirectory packages -Version 1.0.0-beta

*Note This only adds the package to the disk. The packages.config or dependency file needs to be modified to add it to the project.

Initialize Bandwidth Client

using BandwidthSdk.Standard.BandwidthVoice;
using BandwidthSdk.Standard.BandwidthVoice.Models;

//create Configuration with credentials
Configuration config = new Configuration.Builder()

//Activate the Client with the Configuration
APIController voiceClient = new BandwidthVoiceClient(config).Client;

Create Phone Call

//Create the ApiCreateCallRequest object
ApiCreateCallRequest callRequest = new ApiCreateCallRequest();

callRequest.ApplicationId = "3-d-4-b-5";
callRequest.AnswerUrl= "https://test.com";

//Be aware that the Voice Client can throw exceptions
try {
    voiceClient.CreateCall("account.id", callRequest);
} catch (APIException e) {
    WriteLine( e.Message );
} catch (IOException e) {
    WriteLine( e.Message );

Generate BXML

using BandwidthBXML;

//Bandwidth XML (BXML) verb SpeakSenetence plays the sentence audio
SpeakSentence speakSentence = new SpeakSentence();
speakSentence.Sentence = "Hello World";

//Add the verb to a Response object
Response res =  new Response();

//view the BXML
Console.write( res.ToXml() );

Send Text Message

//Coming soon

Order Phone Number

//Coming soon

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