The NodeJS SDK(s) are available via NPM & Github.

Links Description Github
@bandwidth/numbers Manage phone numbers and account settings
@bandwidth/voice Create outbound phone calls and manage call media (recordings/transcriptions)
@bandwidth/bxml Create BXML for managing call flow N/A
@bandwidth/messaging Create outbound messages and manage message media (MMS)
@bandwidth/mfa Create Multifactor Auth calls or messages
@bandwidth/webrtc Create and manage WebRTC Sessions N/A
Code Examples NodeJS code examples

Release notes


Version Notes
2.0.0 Removed all messaging exceptions and normalized them under MessagingException

Voice API

Version Notes
1.2.0 Added Conferencing API endpoints
1.3.0 Added conference detail endpoints
1.4.0 Added conference management endpoints


Version Notes
2.0.0 Renamed toXml() to toBxml()
2.1.0 Added support for Record verb, and SSML in SpeakSentence
2.2.0 Added StartRecording, PauseRecording, ResumeRecording, and StopRecording verbs
2.3.0 Added support for transcriptions to Record and StartRecording verbs
2.3.1 Fixed startRecording init
2.4.0 Added transferDisconnectUrl and transferDisconnectMethod to PhoneNumber
2.5.0 Updated Pause (changed code comment to floats instead of ints), SendDtmf (added toneInterval and toneDuration attributes), and Record (added silenceTimeout attribute) verbs
2.6.0 Multiple nested verbs with Gather verb
2.7.0 Added Conferencing BXML
2.8.0 Added Bridge verb


Version Notes
1.1.0 Added import tn functionality, added promise based Async functions
1.2.0 Added CSR lookup functionality
1.2.1 Fixed Subscription List functionality. Example code at: examples/subscription_list_and_delete
1.2.2 Readme Typo for RemoveImportedTnOrder


Version Notes
1.0.0 First release
1.1.0 Updated schema with digits and expirationTimeInMinutes
2.0.0 Removed from and digits from TwoFactorVerifyRequestSchema


Version Notes
0.1.0 Alpha release
0.2.0 Updated Permission schema
0.3.0 Updated server to fix URL encoding

Download & Install

npm install @bandwidth/messaging
npm install @bandwidth/voice
npm install @bandwidth/bxml

Initialize Bandwidth Client

const BandwidthMessaging = require('@bandwidth/messaging');
BandwidthMessaging.Configuration.basicAuthUserName = "token";
BandwidthMessaging.Configuration.basicAuthPassword = "secret";
const messagingController = BandwidthMessaging.APIController;

const BandwidthVoice = require('@bandwidth/voice');
BandwidthVoice.Configuration.basicAuthUserName = "username";
BandwidthVoice.Configuration.basicAuthPassword = "password";
const voiceController = BandwidthVoice.APIController;

const BandwidthBxml = require('@bandwidth/bxml');

Create Phone Call

var accountId = '1234';

var body = new BandwidthVoice.ApiCreateCallRequest({
    "from"          : "+19999999999",
    "to"            : "+18888888888",
    "applicationId" : "123",
    "answerUrl"     : "",
    "answerMethod"  : "POST",
    "callTimeout"   : 30
var response = await voiceController.createCall(accountId, body);

Generate BXML

var speakSentence = new BandwidthBxml.Verbs.SpeakSentence();

var response = new BandwidthBxml.Response();


Send Text Message

var accountId = '1234';

var body = new BandwidthMessaging.MessageRequest({
    "applicationId" : applicationId ,
    "to"            : ["+19999999999"],
    "from"          : "+18888888888",
    "text"          : "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog."

var response = await messagingController.createMessage(accountId, body);

Order Phone Number

//coming soon

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