Transfer Answer Event – verb

When processing a <Transfer> verb, this event is sent when a called party (B-leg) answers. The event is sent to the endpoint specified in the transferAnswerUrl attribute of the <PhoneNumber> tag that answered. BXML returned by this callback will be executed for the called party only. After all BXML has been executed, the called party will be bridged to the original call.

Most BXML verbs are allowed in response to a transferAnswer event, but some are not allowed. A full list of verbs and whether or not they are allowed:

Verb Allowed
Bridge No
Conference No
Forward No
Gather Yes
Hangup Yes
Pause Yes
PauseRecording Yes
PlayAudio Yes
Record Yes
Redirect Yes
ResumeRecording Yes
Ring Yes
SendDtmf Yes
SpeakSentence Yes
StartGather Yes
StartRecording Yes
StopGather Yes
StopRecording Yes
Tag Yes
Transfer No

Expected response

HTTP/1.1 200
Content-Type: application/xml; charset=utf-8

    <!-- Valid, executable BXML verbs to play to the called party -->


Property Description
eventType The event type, value is transferAnswer.
eventTime The approximate UTC date and time when the event was generated by the Bandwidth server, in ISO 8601 format. This may not be exactly the time of event execution.
accountId The user account associated with the call.
applicationId The id of the application associated with the call.
from The provided identifier string of the caller used in the from field of the original call.
to The phone number used in the to field of the original call, in E.164 format (e.g. +15555555555).
direction The direction of the call. Always outbound for this event.
callId The call id of the newly-created B leg.
parentCallId The call id of the original call leg that executed the <Transfer> tag.
callUrl The URL of the call associated with the event.
startTime Time the call was started, in ISO 8601 format.
answerTime Time the call was answered, in ISO 8601 format.
tag (optional) The tag specified earlier in the call. If no tag was specified or it was previously cleared, this field will not be present.
transferCallerId The phone number used as the from field of the B-leg call, in E.164 format (e.g. +15555555555) or one of Restricted, Anonymous, Private, or Unavailable.
transferTo The phone number used as the to field of the B-leg call, in E.164 format (e.g. +15555555555).

Example: Successful transfer to 1-555-666-7777

POST http://[External server URL]
    "eventType"        : "transferAnswer",
    "eventTime"        : "2019-06-20T15:57:22.477Z",
    "accountId"        : "55555555",
    "applicationId"    : "7fc9698a-b04a-468b-9e8f-91238c0d0086",
    "from"             : "+15551112222",
    "to"               : "+15553334444",
    "direction"        : "outbound",
    "callId"           : "c-95ac8d6e-1a31c52e-b38f-4198-93c1-51633ec68f8d",
    "parentCallId"     : "c-2a913f94-6a486f3a-3cae-4034-bcc3-f0c9fa77ca2f",
    "callUrl"          : "",
    "startTime"        : "2019-06-20T15:54:22.234Z",
    "answerTime"       : "2019-06-20T15:54:25.432Z",
    "transferTo"       : "+15556667777",
    "transferCallerId" : "+15551112222"

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