XML: <StopRecording>

The StopRecording verb is used to stop a recording that was previously started by a <StartRecording> verb.

If there is not an ongoing recording at the time of this verb's execution, it has no effect. If a previous recording was paused, will end it.


Attribute Description
None None

Callbacks Received

Callbacks Can reply with more BXML
Recording Available No

Example 1 of 1: Recording of a call

This shows how to use Bandwidth XML to record a phone call.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <SpeakSentence voice="bridget">This call is being recorded. Please wait while we transfer you.</SpeakSentence>
    <StartRecording recordingAvailableUrl="https://myapp.com/noBXML"/>
    <SpeakSentence voice="bridget">Thanks for your call. Have a nice day!</SpeakSentence>

//coming soon
#coming soon
# coming soon

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