Retrieve Conference Member Information

Retrieve the current state of a specific conference member.

Request URL


Basic Authentication

Bandwidth's Voice API leverages Basic Authentication with your Dashboard API Credentials. Read more about how Bandwidth secures endpoints in the Security & Credentials document.

Supported Parameters

Parameter Description
None None

Response Attributes

Property Description
callId The conference member id.
conferenceId The conference id from the conference this member belongs to.
memberUrl The URL to to interact with this member.
mute If true, the member is on mute and cannot speak in the conference.
hold If true, the member is on hold and cannot speak or hear anything in the conference.
callIdsToCoach The list of call ids to coach.

Example 1 of 1: Retrieve information about a specific conference member

curl -X GET \
    --url "{accountId}/conferences/{conferenceId}/members/{memberId}" \
    -u '{username}:{password}'
    "callId"            : "c-95ac8d8d-b81437f5-4586-4d5b-9b46-29f8b3fe0aaf",
    "conferenceId"      : "conf-04c62a3d-1cd6-4bb9-8c91-27ed04140964",
    "memberUrl"         : "",
    "mute"              : true,
    "hold"              : false,
    "callIdsToCoach"    : ["c-2a91404e-5d0c965c-b235-4a8f-b33c-9fc4d2644365"]
HTTP/1.1 200

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