Delete Transcription

Delete the specified transcription.

Request URL


Basic Authentication

Bandwidth's Voice API leverages Basic Authentication with your Dashboard API Credentials. Read more about how Bandwidth secures endpoints in the Security & Credentials document.

Supported Parameters

Parameter Description
None None

Note: After the deletion is requested and a 204 is returned, the transcription will not be accessible anymore. However, it is not deleted immediately. This deletion process, while transparent and irreversible, can take an additional 24 to 48 hours.

Example 1 of 1: Delete recording

curl -X DELETE \
    --url "{accountId}/calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/transcription" \
     -u '{username}:{password}'
HTTP/1.1 204
ApiResponse<Void> response = controller.deleteRecordingTranscription(accountId, callId, recordingId);
controller.DeleteRecordingTranscription(accountId, callId, recordingId);
voice_client.delete_recording_transcription(VOICE_ACCOUNT_ID, call_id, recording_id)
voice_client.delete_recording_transcription(VOICE_ACCOUNT_ID, call_id, recording_id)
import { Client, ApiController } from '@bandwidth/voice';

const client = new Client({
    basicAuthUserName: 'username',
    basicAuthPassword: 'password'

const controller = new ApiController(client);

const accountId = '1111111';
const callId = 'c-abc12345-6defabc1-2345-6def-abc1-23456defabc1';
const recordingId = 'r-abc12345-6def-abc1-2345-6defabc12345';

const response = await controller.deleteCallTranscription(accountId, callId, recordingId);
$voiceClient->deleteRecordingTranscription($accountId, $callId, $recordingId);

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