Retrieve Recording Metadata

Retrieve information about a specific recording.

Request URL


Basic Authentication

Bandwidth's Voice API leverages Basic Authentication with your Dashboard API Credentials. Read more about how Bandwidth secures endpoints in the Security & Credentials document.

Supported Parameters

Parameter Description
None None

Example: Retrieve information about a specific recording

curl -X GET \
    --url "{accountId}/calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}" \
    -u '{username}:{password}'
  "accountId"           : "5552319",
  "callId"              : "c-2a913f94-6a486f3a-3cae-4034-bcc3-f0c9fa77ca2f",
  "recordingId"         : "r-d68201ef-d53e-4c6d-a743-1c1283909d41",
  "to"                  : "+15552311778",
  "from"                : "+15552311772",
  "duration"            : "PT11.64S",
  "direction"           : "inbound",
  "channels"            : 1,
  "startTime"           : "2019-10-21T16:45:11.293Z",
  "endTime"             : "2019-10-21T16:55:12.950Z",
  "fileFormat"          : "wav",
  "transcriptionStatus" : "none",
  "mediaUrl"            : "https://../{accountId}/calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/media",
  "transcriptionUrl"    : null

//coming soon
#coming soon
# coming soon

The resource returned in the "mediaUrl" field can be used to retrieve the recording, see /calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/media.

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