Transcribe Recording

Generate the transcription for a specific recording. Transcription can succeed only for recordings of length greater than 500 milliseconds and less than 4 hours.

Request URL


Basic Authentication

Bandwidth's Voice API leverages Basic Authentication with your Dashboard API Credentials. Read more about how Bandwidth secures endpoints in the Security & Credentials document.

Supported Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory
callbackUrl The URL to send the TranscriptionAvailable event to. You should not include sensitive or personally-identifiable information in the callbackUrl field! Always use the proper username and password fields for authorization. No
callbackMethod The HTTP method to use for the request to callbackUrl. GET or POST. Default value is POST. No
username The username to send in the HTTP request to callbackUrl. No
password The password to send in the HTTP request to callbackUrl. No
tag A custom string that will be sent with this callbacks. No

Example 1 of 1: Transcribe a recording

curl -X POST \
    --url '{accountId}/calls/{callId}/recordings/{recordingId}/transcription' \
    -u '{username}:{password}' \
    -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '
      "callbackUrl" : ""


HTTP/1.1 204
TranscribeRecordingRequest requestBody = new TranscribeRecordingRequest();

ApiResponse<Void> response = controller.createTranscribeCallRecording(accountId, callId, recordingId, requestBody);
var apiTranscribeRecordingRequest = new TranscribeRecordingRequest
    CallbackUrl = ""
controller.CreateTranscribeCallRecording(accountId, callId, recordingId, apiTranscribeRecordingRequest);
body =
body.callback_url = ""

voice_client.create_transcribe_call_recording(VOICE_ACCOUNT_ID, call_id, recording_id, :body => body)
body = TranscribeRecordingRequest()
body.callback_url = ""

voice_client.create_transcribe_call_recording(VOICE_ACCOUNT_ID, call_id, recording_id, body=body)
import { Client, ApiController } from '@bandwidth/voice';

const client = new Client({
    basicAuthUserName: 'username',
    basicAuthPassword: 'password'

const controller = new ApiController(client);

const accountId = '1111111';
const callId = 'c-abc12345-6defabc1-2345-6def-abc1-23456defabc1';
const recordingId = 'r-abc12345-6def-abc1-2345-6defabc12345';

const response = await controller.createTranscribeCallRecording(accountId, callId, recordingId, {
    callbackUrl: ''
$body = new BandwidthLib\Voice\Models\TranscribeRecordingRequest();
$body->callbackUrl = "";

$voiceClient->createTranscribeCallRecording($accountId, $callId, $recordingId, $body);

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