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Errors and Limits



An invalid URI was given, the valid format is 1NPANXXZZZZ.


We couldn’t retrieve any data based on your criteria.


The URI you're attempting to provision is used by another one of your shared accounts. Remove the URI from the other shared account first.


Unable to provision DID. Contact Bandwidth Support for assistance.

Throttling and Request Rate Limitation#

We ask our customers to self-limit requests to 3 per second. By default, Bandwidth will automatically limit requests for some resource-intensive API operations to 5 requests per second so that the activities of one customer don't impact other customers. The operations that are throttled are:

Both SOAP and REST versions of these operations are rate-limited.

We may throttle other operations if we identify traffic that appears to be abusive. Requests that violate the rate limits will receive an HTTP 429 response. Please open a ticket with your Bandwidth Support Team if you believe you need a higher rate limit.

Provisioning limits#

URI11 digit NANPA-valid phone number, with “1” as the country code
callernameup to 75 characters
address1up to 150 characters
address2up to 60 characters supported, recommend 20 or less due to display limitations at some PSAPs. Our system will automatically abbreviate some common terms like “APARTMENT” or “FLOOR”
communityup to 50 characters
state2-character valid state or province code
postalcodeup to 10 characters. Valid Canadian postal code or US zip code. Remove spaces and hyphens from Canadian postal codes