Account Credentials

This guide will cover the credentials for interacting with Bandwidth's APIs.

Basic Authorization

All of Bandwidth's APIs are protected with Basic Authorization over HTTPS. Basic Authorization requires the user's username:password pair to be encoded with base64 as part of the Authorization HTTP header.

⚠️ Usernames and Passwords are case sensitive!

Credentials Snapshot

Credential Name Description Example
username Your API user's username jdoe
password Your API user's password correct-horse-battery-staple
accountId Your unique account id. The accountId is used as part of the url to make API requests.

Creating an API User

Bandwidth provides a 'user-based' permission and authentication scheme. It's recommended to create a new user with ONLY API access and the necessary roles on your account. The API user can be leveraged to access all of Bandwidth's APIs.

API User Credentials

⚠️ The API user is meant to be separate from your Dashboard user and should not be used to access the Dashboard. Further, your Dashboard user should not be used to access Bandwidth's APIs.

Unlike other user types, an API user is not required to update their password.

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