XML: <Gather>

The Gather verb is used to collect digits for some period of time.


Attribute Description
gatherUrl (optional) URL to send Gather event to and request new BXML.
gatherMethod (optional) The HTTP method to use for the request to gatherUrl. GET or POST. Default value is POST.
username (optional) The username to send in the HTTP request to gatherUrl.
password (optional) The password to send in the HTTP request to gatherUrl.
tag (optional) A custom string that will be sent with this and all future callbacks unless overwritten by a future tag attribute or cleared.

May be cleared by setting tag=""

Max length 256 characters.
terminatingDigits (optional) When any of these digits are pressed, it will terminate the Gather. Default value is none.
maxDigits (optional) Max number of digits to collect. Default value is 50. Range: decimal values between 1 - 50.
interDigitTimeout (optional) Time (in seconds) allowed between digit presses before automatically terminating the Gather. Default value is 5. Range: decimal values between 1 - 60.
firstDigitTimeout (optional) Time (in seconds) to pause after any audio from nested <SpeakSentence> or <PlayAudio> verb is played (in seconds) before terminating the Gather. Default value is 5. Range: decimal values between 0 - 60.
repeatCount (optional) The number of times the audio prompt should be repeated if no digits are pressed. For example, if this value is 3, the nested audio clip will be played a maximum of three times. The delay between repetitions will be equal to firstDigitTimeout. Default value is 1. Range: 1-25.

The gather is terminated when one of these conditions is met:

  1. The user presses a terminating digit (if specified)
  2. The user has pressed at least one key and more than interDigitTimeout seconds have elapsed
  3. Any nested audio has ended and firstDigitTimeout seconds have elapsed without the user pressing any digits
  4. The user presses maxDigits digits

If the gatherUrl attribute is specified, the Gather event is sent to the gatherUrl upon completion of the gather. BXML returned by that callback are then executed. If gatherUrl is specified, verbs following the <Gather> will be ignored.

If no gatherUrl attribute is specified, the gathered digits are discarded and execution of verbs following the <Gather> continues.

Nestable Verbs

The following verbs may be nested inside of a <Gather> tag. A maximum of one verb is allowed:

Verb Description
SpeakSentence (optional) Using the SpeakSentence inside the Gather verb will speak the text until a digit is received.
PlayAudio (optional) Using the PlayAudio inside the Gather verb will play the media until a digit is received.

Callbacks Received

Callback Can reply with more BXML
Gather Yes

Example: Gather Verb

This example shows how to use the Gather verb to speak a sentence, collect digits input from the phone, and send the results to https://gather.url/nextBXML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <Gather gatherUrl="https://gather.url/nextBXML" firstDigitTimeout="10" terminatingDigits="#">
      <SpeakSentence voice="kate">Please press a digit.</SpeakSentence>

Example: Gather With Repeated Audio Prompt

This example shows the Gather verb being used to repeatedly prompt the user to press a digit. If the user presses nothing, the prompt will play five times. If the user presses a digit at any point, the Gather will end and send the result to the gatherUrl

   <Gather gatherUrl="https://gather.url/nextBXML" repeatCount="5" maxDigits="1">
      <SpeakSentence>I am going to keep asking you to press a digit</SpeakSentence>

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