Bandwidth Phone Numbers API


Phone Numbers Guides

Guide Description
Managing Subscriptions Learn about how Bandwidth manages asynchronous ordering using subscriptions to manage order updates via webhooks/HTTP Callbacks
Searching Phone Numbers Learn about the basics for searching Bandwidth's available phone number inventory
On-demand Search and Ordering Learn about the basics for searching then ordering a specific phone number
Order Phone Numbers (lite) Get a snap shot of ordering phone numbers with the Bandwidth Phone Number Ordering API
Order Phone Numbers (full) Go in depth to explore the full steps for ordering phone numbers.
Disconnect a Phone Number Learn about the basics for removing phone numbers from your account
Managing Line Features Learn about the various line features and how to enable / disable features like CNAM
Managing Orders Learn about managing in flight orders (orders that have yet to reach a terminal state)
Number Utilization Review API Step By Step Guide To Number Assignment Using The Bandwidth Phone Number Management API
Porting Phone Numbers Learn the work flow associated to porting and managing port orders

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